March Fundraiser Update: 20,871 Meals … so far!!

Hey all. When I kicked this little adventure off back on the last day of February, I had no idea how it would turn out.

It’s turned out to be really great: more than 18,871 meals funded with playing cards and matching donations, and it looks like another 2,000+ meals funded through direct donations to the campaign. Details on the Food Bank of the Rockies website.

This is all because you all jumped onboard and pitched in — acquiring some sweet playing cards in the process!!

And — plus, also — we’re not quite done yet. Technically this runs for a couple more days, and there are some truly beautiful cards on the website. I added a rare & unusual section on the website for those seeking something special (including the beauty above), and I added a few incredible decks from Ellusionist to round out the offering.

For those of your wondering about the numbers:

  • Gross profit was $1,884.78
  • Payment processing fees were $166.94
  • Total raised (SO FAR) based on simple math: $1,717.84.
  • I matched $1,500
  • My employer matched (or will soon — the actual match takes a minute) $1,500
  • Grand total here of $4,717.84

I learned an absolute ton along the way, and am so grateful for everyone who pitched in. I hope you love your cards as much as I do.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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