March Fundraiser Update: We’re at 14,964 Meals

On March 1, I decided it was time to kick off a new kind of fundraiser for me, and I’m pleased to report: SO FAR SO GOOD.

I’ll get to the numbers in a minute, but right now I want to ask you to spread news of this fundraiser to your networks: Any cards they buy at Shuffle & Roll help contribute to more than 18,000 meals at the Food Bank of the Rockies. And they are super cool cards!!

Why? Check out this interview with FBR CEO Erin Pulling.

So the numbers so far:

Gross Sales: $2,412.48
Gross Profit: $1,232.61
Credit Card Fees: $107.54
Previous Contributions: $645.58
New Contribution this Week: $479.49

And each contribution gets matched by both me and my employer, and so, to date, that’s about $3,741 or 14,964 meals. You can see the history over on the fundraising page, note that it doesn’t include my employer match, so you’ll have to trust me on this. 🙂

I am incredibly grateful to the many people who have jumped in and can’t wait to see where we end up!

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