18,000 Meals: Day 1 Summary

Donate by buying great playing cards at https://shuffleroll.com !!

Yesterday, I kicked off fundraising on ShuffleRoll.com. Fun start!

In one day, we:

  • Made sure the website was working. It had never processed an order or shipment or anything before.
  • Sold 27 decks to 7 supporters, 5 of whom I would classify as new participants in my fundraising shenanigans.
  • Added 3 new “omakase” options.
  • Raised over $100 for Food Bank of the Rockies.
  • Inspired at least one person to donate to their local food bank in addition to the cards.
  • Raised $5.82 in sales tax for the great state of Colorado.
  • The people: they love their Star Wars decks.

My overall takeaway:

  • It’s fun to talk to people about cards. But I knew that.
  • I still need to reach many more people in order for this to be successful.
  • The logistics are mildly irritating, but also kinda fun.
  • This is a good way to use up extra packing material I have around the house.
  • Maybe I should add some of the super premium cards back to the site as part of this?

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