March Fundraiser: Provide 18,000 Meals by Selling Great Playing Cards

Over the last several years, my family and I have invested time, energy and money in our local food bank. Last year, we funded 36,000 meals through Food Bank of the Rockies. I feel great about that number, but it’s a drop in the bucket of the need that they fill. This year I want to contribute more, and National Nutrition Month seems like a great time to kick it off.

TL;DR: Go buy a great playing card deck (or 3!) over on Shuffle & Roll to make this happen. You can also donate directly to Food Bank of the Rockies if you don’t want playing cards.

I’m launching a different kind of fundraiser — different for me, anyway. I’m generally a fan of just asking people for money. And that works! In January, in honor of my birthday, some friends and I raised over $5,500 for the Colorado Children’s Hospital. In two days. Just by asking.

But, for this fundraiser, I’m going to combine my interest in raising money with my interest in, you guessed it, playing cards. Here’s how it works.

  • I have about 25 varieties of USPCC and Theory 11 playing cards over at Shuffle & Roll.
  • This is a total of more than 500 decks.
  • I’m selling these at list price.
  • You good people get to buy them (the sweet spot is 3-4 decks per order, in case you are wondering).
  • The net proceeds should be between $1,250 and $1,500
  • I’ll match the net proceeds, up to $1,500.
  • My employer will match my donation.
  • Voila — $4,500 to Food Bank of the Rockies, or about 18,000 meals.

Now, we can probably do better than that, but this is the goal where I’m starting my expectations. And my sincere hope is that people will also donate directly to their local food bank. As we have seen over the last year, food banks are an important part of our safety nets. We all need to fund them. This is a ways we can fund them and have some fun at the same time.

Part of the reason this is different for me is that I’m not just asking for money. There’s a whole complicated transaction involved.

  • I had to buy the playing cards.
  • I had to setup e-commerce and credit card processing.
  • I’ll have to mail everything out to people who purchase
  • I’ll have to actually figure out the net proceeds.

This whole thing depends on A LOT MORE PEOPLE participating in some way. There are over 500 decks of cards that need to go somewhere in order to raise this money. I don’t need any more of these particular types of cards (just ask my family) — and besides, we’re matching the net proceeds anyway. So let’s say people on average buy two decks. That means I have to recruit 250 people to participate or it will fail miserably.

In other words: I need your help. I don’t just need you to buy some great cards (if you’re so inclined), I also need you to spread the news to your friends. I need you to retweet. I need you to text people. I need you to share this with your friends.

And I need to you to do all this over the next few weeks. We’ll be done an wrapped up within just about 3 weeks.

Are you up for it? Are you up for having a few cool desks of cards, and for helping out a great cause at the same time?

I think you are. This is going to be very entertaining!!

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