Peak Mountain Playing Cards – Stellar Factory

We Coloradans are pretty proud of our state. The stylized C logo. The ski areas. The beer. The weed. And yes, the mountains. When I saw this deck built around 14ers — mountains with a summit higher than 14,000 ft — I was curious enough to buy a deck.

There are 54 mountains in Colorado that top 14,000 ft. and they are a popular destination for tourists and locals. Check out this graph of hiker days per week — fascinating. I’ve summited Quandary, Princeton and Massive. I almost summitted Longs, but the snow and rain and wind at the top, coupled with lack of sleep, and anxiety, turned me back. Many of the mountains are not for the feint at heart. Capitol Peak near Aspen has claimed many lives as people try to navigate it’s various class 4 complexities.

The cards are a stylized black and white take on each peak’s silhouette. Every card but the ace includes a mountain, which means the deck is able to depict 50 of the 54. Missing: Mount Massive, which surprises me, as it has the most land mass above 14,000 feet in the lower 48 United States, beating out even Mt. Rainer. Mount Massive is a class 2, if you’re wondering. It’s hard to say how well the line art matches the actual shape of the mountain. A quick comparison to the shapes on 14erposter shows some differences, but whatever. The cards will get you talking about 14ers, and that’s a good thing.

The cards seem to be standard quality: linen finish, nice pop, made in the US, but no USPCC moniker. The pips are like stylized pieces of granite, with hard edges but familiar shapes in the traditional colors. I like the two way back — very nicely done peaks poking through the clouds — but the one way fronts are a little cumbersome for a typical game.


$9.95 over on

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