Riffle Shuffle’s January Brick of the Month Box

I was excited to see the email promoting the January Brick of the Month and immediately jumped on it. After all, it was almost my birthday, I like almost everything I’ve seen Riffle Shuffle produce, and why not a little happy birthday to me here?

The brick itself generally lived up to it’s billing: 4 different producers, 12 decks, 1 holographic gilded, something unreleased. It shipped out via Priority Mail promptly from, I think, Gambler’s Warehouse, and was easily trackable Let’s take a look at the specifics.

Adventurer – 2 – 2020 second edition, 1 of 2500. And the holographic gilded is still second edition but is 1 of 75. The gilding is a very nice effect.

Arrowdynamix (Yellow) – 2- I assume this is the unreleased deck. I can find the black and white version of this around but a quick search didn’t turn this one up. Overall, my least favorite as I’m not generally doing the large flourished. Maybe I just don’t understand it?

Instant Noodles – 2 – I’ve written elsewhere about this great deck in unusual packaging. Fun surprise to see more of it land in my mailbox. The print run was supposed to be about 2,500, and I’m guessing KS fulfillment took care of just about 2,000 of those decks. The decks themselves seem to be widely available, so maybe there was an interesting overrun. I love the courts on this deck!

Play Dead – 1 – 2020 first edition 1 of 3000. I have the 2019 first edition 1 of 10,000 and honestly I don’t know if 2019 and 2020 are different enough to count. 2019 is the brighter one on the left.

Sleepy Hollow – 3 – 2021 second edition 1 of 3000. Not enough color on the courts and they feel oddly constrained. The back is really nice.

Star Wars from Theory 11 – 2 – 1 dark and one light – I was very surprised to see some Theory 11 mixed in here, but they make great decks (see my earlier write up and they have a great store). Of all the decks in this box, I was most excited to see these, even though they are very mass market. They’re well done and relatable. I’ll have to go through and do a separate write up.

There’s also a good write up of the January brick over on Reddit.

In the end, a brick like this is designed to do one thing: convert excess inventory into cold card cash. This would have done a pretty decent job at that. The advertisement suggests a retail value of $150, which might be a stretch, given the various second editions.

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