Where to Buy Great Playing Cards

Where, oh where, I hear you asking, can I buy the good stuff? You can (and probably will) buy some of these on Amazon or Walmart or Target, but most of the really good stuff is in other places.

I bet there are 100 more great sites! Would love any comments with your favorites.

52Kards — Las Vegas

Black Market Decks — part of Art of Play

Bocopo.com — producers of the best selling Parasol – Dark Phoenix cards.

CardCutz — California, free shipping over $60

CollectablePlayingCards.com – Kentucky, part of Magic Trick Store, free shipping in the US.

Docs Playing Card Co — designs some, sells lots. “Premium Playing Cards and Stylish Clothing for Cardists”

Ellusionist.com – Lots of cool stuff in the sub $10 range, including Blue Kittens.

ElephantPlayingCards.com – “Worlds coolest playing cards”, “Elephant Playing Cards is for anyone who wants to strengthen real relationships in a digital world!”

Feel The Universe Card Company – Spain, makers of the Odyssey line of cards, including the sold out Elite, which I have a couple of if you’re interested.

Isolated Thunderstorm – Denmark, makers of the Deus Vult line of cards.

Kardify has deck previews, reviews and Kickstarter updates.

KEM makes and sells decks for individuals and casinos. Ran across them because I found a 1935 deck. Amazing they’re still around!

Kingswild Project interesting subscription options for custom decks, and a lot of interesting custom decks.

Legends Playing Cards also makes custom decks.

Marvelous Decks currently offering just a cool design of their own.

Midnight Cards — produces some great decks, including the only dedicated Euchre decks I’ve ever seen.

PlayingCardDecks.com – Nevada. Great selection of decks. I own exactly ZERO of the decks in their great holiday gift guide.

PlayingCards.net – TX, part of the Liberty Playing Cards & Gamblers Warehouse crew.

Riffle Shuffle – Canada & US. In any given situtation, you will probably love whatever Riffle Shuffle decks you buy. Sirocco Weathered is one of my all time favorites.

Theory11 — Great cards built around name brand licensing (Star Wards, Mando, SNL)

TripOnMagic.com — Decks of all kinds and magic tricks.

Uusi.us – Art cards and tarot. Carful, this is how I got hooked. PAGANS?!?

VandaCards – Sells mostly their own designs.

Vanishing, Inc., Playing Cards – California. Great prices on an incredible selection of playing cards.

WoundedCorner.com — great decks at great prices, and some crazy expense stuff like this $189 deck!

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