Uranus from Vanda Cards (2018), Acquired for Free, Which is Amazing

If you’ve watched Holey Moley 2: The Sequel, you can picture the denizens of my house at the mention of The Seventh Planet. We’re all 12, and basically any joke about Uranus is a good joke.

How did I get this great deck of cards for free? David Goldklang sent Stories Kickstarter backers a credit to make up for the delays on that project. This was freaking amazing. Beyond the playing cards that I’ve backed, I’ve also supported a number of internet of things projects. I’ve waved goodbye to enough money to have a gut level understanding that KS is not a store.

Anyway, he did this for 754 backers, which means that’s a credit of over $14,000. WOW. Way to put the customer at the center of everything you do, David. This is a mantra at my day job, and I can talk about it all day long (literally), and I love ❤️ seeing it in action in this niche market. David is smart because he certainly knows that, by the time you are willing to spend $15-20 on a deck of cards, you are most likely going to buy more than one deck of cards. (I have just over 100 varieties, many more actual individual decks, and I’m pretty new to this world.) And he sells a lot of great cards!! $14,000 is a lot of money, and it’s a smart investment in goodwill.

By way of comparison with the Stories campaign, 521 people loved Uranus enough to raise about $23,000 to bring a little life to Uranus.

And by a little life, I mean the weird wiskerless cat-nosed ear-feathered alien things that populate the court cards. Designer Srdjan Vidakovic has created a great group of these freaky little Uranus dwellers. The pips are great, lightly customized, and the standard mode deck is dead easy to read.

The two-way back is a delightful silver and black, as is the tuck, and my standard edition deck features some great silver metallic ink that really makes Uranus pop.


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