Pocono Modern, The Retro Deck, a Tale of Two Kickstarters

Before I tell you how much I love these cards, let’s take a trip back in time.

Way back in 2014 and 2015, when I was just starting to look at custom playing card decks, there was already a thriving market. Enter the first Pocono Modern Kickstarter. The goal was a lofty $20,000, and it was unsuccessful. However, it did attract over 350 backers and the team did the right thing: they relauched a couple of months later with a lower goal and an updated plan. This time it succeeded. At more than $10,000 and over 330 backers, they were well above the average for successful playing card campaigns, and it did what a good Kickstarter should do: launched a whole fun line of business.

I love this deck, but it’s for a little different than the reason I love some decks. My love for Pocono Modern is all about the pips. Clean and recognizable, they’re also custom and creative and totally on brand, without making you think too much. They stretch out leisurely across the cards, filling just the right amount of white space, inviting you to linger just a bit. The aces are rightfully embellished with just a bit of extra design, bringing them a certain special and well deserved highlighting.

The court cards are nicely done geometric figures, completely on theme, and with some delightful variety between the suits. The quill with the Jack of Hearts for example, is a really nice touch.

The deck also includes some very hip mid-century mixed beverages for your enjoyment, which I think is a nice touch.

Of course, as a USPCC production with a great linen finish, they shuffle well, and to my naive hand anyway, seem well suited to basic cardist handling.

All in all, recommended.

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