Infinite Rule Luxury Playing Cards — Oaktown Supply

I back 3-4 Kickstarter campaigns a month. December was a heavy one at six projects, including Queen Bee (that I wanted to buy more of than I did), Neo Tokyo that just looks awesome (I probably should have bought more, but dark mode cards aren’t my favorite), Blue Jay (that I also wanted more of), Atlantis (and YES I wanted more of that too but was too late for the special gilded dang it) — but I miss a lot of really great stuff, too — a list too long to include here.

One that I missed was the original Infinite Rule. When Infinite Rule came back on for relaunch, I jumped in for a four pack, and I’m glad I did. (Why the relaunch? Looks like the minimum funding goal was just too high, much like Pocono Modern’s The Retro Deck.)

The tuck is great and really tells the story of what’s inside. The gold ink really pops on the deep red box, and everything you see outside it well represented inside. I normally can pick a star of the show. The backs. The courts. The pips. Not this time!

The courts are fully reminiscent of the standard court cards, but, really, everything about them is better. The faces are more attractive, the figures less blocky. The golds, blues and reds are just phenomenal.

And then you get a chance to look at the aces. I normally assume the Ace of Spades will have something special to it, and it does, but every ace is elevated to match. The color mixtures, the arched lines and the patterns combine together to make this deck something to look at at. Really first rate.

The suits are also close enough to the standard that you won’t have to think a lot before deciding something is a club or a spade, but they aren’t standard. The layout is also

The cards are absolutely beautiful. You can score yourself a deck over at for $14.97 + $5.00 shipping at this writing, or you can see that Oaktown Supply is also selling them on Amazon for $12.97 a deck with Prime shipping. NOW THAT’S A DEAL!

As a side note, one of the curiosities about the economics of luxury playing cards on Kickstarter is that my fully loaded per deck cost (which includes shipping) is $15.50. If I were to buy 4 of these decks at their website, it would be $16.22 per deck. So the savings that you get by being a KS backer is really minimal, and really completely negative when you take the Amazon effect into account.

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