Missed Opportunities: Crops No More 2 – Limited Edition Playing Cards (2019)

“It’s a standard magical card of international edition, you can totally trust its quality.”

The original campaign on this wasn’t hugely successful: it raised about $6,174 from 178 backers, compared to an average (for campaigns I backed) of $23k and just over 450 backers. And, to my amusement, I was the only one who bought a full brick LOL.

Actually, let’s take a second and break down the number of supporters by support level, just because I’m curious:

  • 1 Deck: 76 backers
  • 2 Decks: 35 backers
  • 3 Decks: 11 backers
  • 6 Decks: 7 backers
  • 12 Decks: 1 backer (That’s me, and my tracker suggest !)
  • Full Sheet: 2 backers
  • 2 Decks + Collectors Box: 41 backers
  • 4 Decks + 2 Collectors Boxes: 2 backers
  • 6 Decks + 3 Collectors Boxes: 1 backers

Note the effectiveness of adding the wooden collector’s box: that’s an impressive bump. More people ordered a pair with the collector’s box than without it — at almost double the price! And there’s only one picture of a basic black box!

Between KS fees, processing feeds, printing and shipping, I’d be curious to see how this worked out. None of my decks include the modeled red sealing sticker. I suspect that the economics here were pretty marginal.

Here’s what I like: there’s a fun modern take on the suits. Although the suits are non-standard, the only one that’s visually challenging is the spade, and it’s an on-point adaptation that totally plays into the crop circle theme. The jokers are really nice.

There’s a number of missed opportunities with this deck. There’s no indication of who printed it, the geometric designs could be adapted in a really nice way to have more character on the courts, and the tuck is pretty plain.

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