Sirocco Modern & Sirocco Weathered from Riffle Shuffle

As of November 2020 I’m selling a few pairs of these over on eBay if you’re interested.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love almost everything Riffle Shuffle does. They’ve figured out how to turn sweet cards into a sustainable business, which is no mean feat. The Sirocco campaign earlier this year produced about $23,813 from 424 backers, with an average per backer of $56. This makes it a very solid campaign for a luxury deck of art playing cards.

The tucks have everything you might want in a luxury playing card deck: the modern version, limited to 2500 copies, is embossed inside and out, with gold and silver on the outside. The weathered version looks very different, with a texture that reminds me of handmade paper (tho I don’t think it is) and the back is completely different from the modern edition. This kind of differentiation is VERY unusual. The weathered edition is also limited, with numbered seals showing XX out of 1500.

One thing that surprises me as a look at the Riffle Shuffle site is that modern is sold out, while weathered shows still available. There’s a definite taste on KS for embossed playing cards, so maybe that’s a factor, but they generally delivered them as sets. So I’m super curious to understand why.

The most common way luxury card producers create different editions is simply doing a different color scheme, but leaving the art essentially the same. At first glance this appears to be true when comparing Modern and Weathered. However, the weathered edition here has some fun … well … weathering to it that really makes it a nice touch.

I’m always curious about the web of human relationships that goes into a deck. The designer credited on the tuck is Nathan Oser. You can poke around and find some (self-published?) books of his on Amazon which is awesome. Check out a conversation with him on Deckin’ Around.

Back to the decks. Super readable, great to shuffle, light as air for the deal. Enjoy!

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