1969 Space Themed Luxury Art Playing Cards by Jason Cheng

Printed by Cartamundi, this is a first class effort from a newer producer / designer out of Hong Kong. The cardstock and foil enhanced tuck, along with decent contrast on the cards, makes them both fun to play with an fun to shuffle. And if you’re playing with kids, these include Science Facts, making them even more fun.

As of November, 2020, I have some extra I’m selling on eBay. Currently sold out on the original producer’s site.

The original campaign raised about $9,320 (USD) from 343 total backers, with an average kicking in about $27. This is less than the average KS I’ve backed ($16k raised from about 410 backers with an average of $45 per backer), but it’s the first campaign (apparently) from Jason Cheng / DeckIdea that actually funded, and I have to say I like it. In late 2020, Deckidea posted another KS, 12 Days of Christmas, that was also funded, that looks very nice.

The cards themselves are basically dark mode, with red and white suits. The pips are recognizable, but, apart from hearts, are custom. Courts are planets and Aces also have some special features. My only complaints are that a couple of the special features end up being distracting (the sun as the King of Spades is an example, it’s — well — sun colored).

It’s interesting for me to consider this from a Luxury Art Playing Card startup point of view. DeckIdea looks like it’s doing the normal thing of funding decks on Kickstarter that then go into inventory. But if you only raise $9k, and you only print 1000, and my personal cost per deck having bought a brick is like $9.30, the economics seem really questionable to me.

You have to print and sell a whole bunch to turn this into a something of a real business. The update around printing extra of the limited edition reflects this. Getting to a PlayingCardDecks, CollectiblePlayingCards, Riffle Shuffle, or Theory11 level (tho T11 is really playing a different game IMHO), that takes some work.

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