Amazon Spartans Playing Cards

My favorite part of Game of Thrones is how grimy everyone and everything is nearly all the time. It’s easily the most relatable part of the show. You and I may never ride dragons, but give us an hour or two outside and yes, we will indeed be covered with filth.

The Amazon Spartans are not like us. This group of buxom, fit, well made up and well coiffed fighting women look like they are as ready for a night on the town as they are for a morning on a battlefield. In addition, yes, I’m confident saying any of the well armed Amazon Spartans depicted on the face cards could kill me. Probably without breaking a sweat.

Let’s just take this as a fact: of course there have been women warriors throughout history. The Wikipedia article on Amazons is a good place to start for this particular story, and TIL that the Amazon river was actually named for the legendary fighting women and not the other way around.

Anyway, the deck is very usable. Printed by USPCC, the cards look and shuffle great. The symmetry of the complex face cards is very well done. The pips are simple, clean and easy to read. The tuck is quite beautiful in red and green foil. No seal, no interior printing or embossing for the box.

Coming in at just under $25,000, this was a pretty solid campaign. Curiously there is also a closed campaign over on Indiegogo. As far as I can tell, the custom playing card market definitely focuses on Kickstarter, but I guess you want all the exposure you can get.

I only bought a pair of these decks, which honestly I’d like to see the other versions as well, so a miss on my part. You can find Amazons Spartans on eBay if you’re interested.

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