5th Kingdom Semi-Transformation Playing Cards

TL;DR: beautiful deck, very unique, playable, interesting campaign. Check out Maria Fedoseeva.

With 22 projects created and funded on Kickstarter and a whole business dedicated to beautiful playing cards, Will Roya has probably forgotten more about cards than I’ve ever known (for example, what’s a semi-transformation deck?). I’ve purchased quite a few cards from PlayingCardDecks.com and was delighted when this campaign came out.

The original campaign raised about $16,000, which is pretty good, but honestly doesn’t do these cards justice. You can find versions over on PlayingCardDecks.com, the producer, including this blue gilded edge edition which is quite striking. In fact, over on the site, I see a couple of other really beautiful editions over there which Roya talks about these in the last update. I’m super curious about the strategy behind doing these after the fact as compared to being a core part of the campaign. I’m guessing there’s some marketing strategy (drive people to the website?) and some expense minimization strategy (lower Kickstarter rev share fees?) at play but I don’t really know.

I wouldn’t describe any of the cards are particularly simple, but they communicate a feeling of simplicity. The large blocks of color, including big blocks of the traditional suit color, mixed with finer details really helps each card remain understandable at a glance while still being completely unique. This is unusual in a deck of cards and it’s delightful to see it executed so masterfully here.

I bought a fair number of cards without any particular plan of what to do with them. This brick came as six of each edition, black (artist’s edition, apparently sold out, but apparently available here) and blue (player’s edition).

Interestingly, it looks like there’s a prototype run from MakePlayingCards.com. Intriguingly, MJM Magic is also selling them over on Amazon. MaxPlayingCards has a great write up, suggesting there will be foil embossed tucks, but that didn’t come to pass. And there’s a write up from 2018 by behance. Now I find myself wondering when these came out anyway, and should there be foil embossing, and were there 2500 or 1000?

None of my questions make me like the decks even a little bit less.

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