Instant Noodle Playing Cards from BaoBao Restaurant

A lot of the decks I see are pretty serious. They’re gods or devils or The Crusades. But these Instant Noodle Playing Cards are just pure fun.

The original campaign raised about $55,000, which is amazing. There is a BaoBao Restaurant listed in Montreal, but I’m not super clear if it’s the same one that’s a creator of this campaign. There is this guy, @BaoMagic, who based on his IG is probably leading the fun. There are a few other card decks listed in the updates, including some Riffle Shuffle work, so although this is the first campaign from this creator, he’s clearly in the mix.

A couple of things that were different about this campaign. The stretch goals became optional add-ons. Not the end of the world, but it’s basically, you spent money to help me, now spend more money for your reward. That sounds more bitter than I want it to, so take it with a grain of salt. The end result tho is that my half brick is just the standard half brick. Also I didn’t include a picture of the tuck and while it’s pretty fun, there are no special features.

The cards are printed by USPCC, are limited to 2,500, have a great linen finish, and are super playable. There is a nice balance of custom and tradition with the pips and the face cards, and everything seems like it would be super readable even in low light (which is often how we play) and with a fast moving game (which is always how we play).

I mentioned the connection to Riffle Shuffle above. One of RS signature plays is to include stickers with their decks. The good crew at BaoBao have included soup base and dry vegetable stickers, which I think is great, and there’s a 100% chance that at least one of them is going on the top of the new mac I just got for work.

Like I said, I bought half brick, and have some extras that I’ll keep sealed for the foreseeable future.

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