Duck Dynasty Cards Are Terrible

I’m a huge fan of the clearance aisle at my local Walmart. (“Huge” would be overselling it.) Or, any Walmart, really. One day you might find fish bait brine (check out fish bait brining made easy, if you’re wondering WTF) and another day you might find Farm Simulator. Once in a while you might also find a terrible deck of cards.

Such was my fate one day when I saw a few decks of “Duck Dynasty” cards hanging from a hook for the double tempting price of just $1. Of course I bought a deck. (And check this out on — you can too.)

Just to be clear, no, I never watched the series. I mean, never. Not even once. I have no idea who these characters are. I just thought the deck was funny. I knew that there was a show, of course, but you get my point.

Printed by Cardinal industries, these have a glossy, flat finish, which makes them not the greatest to start with. And the camouflage makes them near impossible to play with. And what’s up with repeating characters on the Jacks?

I appreciate the desire to harvest money from unsuspecting shoppers looking for the dopamine rush of an impulse buy — as in, literally no one has “Duck Dynasty playing cards” on their shopping list — but damn. At least make the cards decent.

Not recommended. No extras.

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